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Diagnostic Media


Siemens 3T Magnetom Trio. Employing sophisticated technology that has previously been confined to research facilities, the 3T Magnetom Trio is setting the new standard in medical imaging. Thus, 3 Tesla MR Angiogram studies may often supplant the need for invasive interventional catheter studies.


CT scanner features a unique detector system that provides super-thin slices for crystal clear, comprehensive images. The scanner is engineered to generate the same high resolution in all three dimensions, allowing for multi-planar views of internal anatomical structures.


Ultrasound is a non-invasive technique that is used to generate real-time images of the body’s internal structures. Through a series of high-frequency sound waves, ultrasound technology allows for the visualization of fetal development, blood flow, and internal structures, making it effective for both diagnostic and pathologic assessment.

Digital Xray:

Digital X-Ray centres which offer low scan cost, In digital X-ray, digital X-ray sensors are used for imaging instead of traditional photography film.